Jaz Hee-jeong Choi is exploring how we might design with and for care. She is often found in Melbourne working as a Vice-chancellor’s Senior Research Fellow at RMIT, directing the Care-full Design Lab, and playing with her cat and other interesting human and other-than-human creatures, in between enjoying top coffee. web: | twitter: @jaz_off

Alice V. Brown is a PhD candidate at RMIT, designing resources to promote post-traumatic growth within trusted networks. Her interests lie broadly in how design can support good care, creative reflection, and expression for those experiencing challenges to their mental health.  She is also an illustrator and a humble and occasional poet.  web:

Jacina Leong is a PhD student at RMIT exploring collective and careful methods of knowledge production. As an artist-curator, she has worked and played with many collaborators, across hybrid new media spaces, universities, national and international festivals, regional museums and galleries, libraries and schools. web: | twitter: @Jacina_L