We are committed to co-creating opportunities where sustainable futures can be care-fully examined and negotiated across different dimensions of knowledge and practice.

Doing this is challenging. It requires new ways of thinking about values, methods, and scale/speed of enquiry, as well as who needs to be engaged and how. As a non-disciplinary-bounding collective, we help one another and others beyond us achieve this vision through creative-critical and strategic-tactical encounters.

Central to our knowing, doing, and being, is the acknowledgement of the more-than-human worlds, humility to appreciate the interconnections that bind those worlds, and audacity to imagine and invent new pathways for future-making.

To ensure rigour in our often playful and open endeavours, we embody – as well as possible – care as a matter of concern; its ethics and logic guide our conceptual, methodological, and translational undertakings.

Currently, we are interrogating several critical sociotechnical issues across health and wellbeing (e.g. post-traumatic growth, loneliness, and ageing), learning and knowledge production (e.g. transdisciplinary pedagogies and emerging patterns of knowledge production), and co-creative urban futures (e.g. with homeless, social housing, and refugee communities, and playful cities).

We are based in Melbourne now, but we hope to see our collective grow across the world. We’ve been cooking up some super exciting ideas and plans, so do watch this space!